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The Autism Notebook Magazine serves our community with a free publication with these things in mind: 

What we Do

Things to consider in your selection

and preparation for back-to-school clothing:

  • Old school clothing fit or too small? (too tight or snug at all will not offer a good experience)
  • TAG OR TAGLESS...Which one is best for your child?
  • they need to be soft, thick, thin, snug or loose?
  • UNDERWEAR....tag, tagless, briefs/boxers, bras/soft or underwire, etc. Do not dismiss this important category.
  • SHOES... too small=not a happy kid. Too big= not a happy kid. Does he/she need more than one pair b/c of PE or because of style? What is the best, most comfortable and affordable you can get? Make sure this is not missed because shoes were purchased two months ago. Using hand-me-down shoes is not recommended because of foot formation and fit, so try to avoid this if possible. 
  • BACKPACK....Do you need a NEW one and will the color cause any sensory (visual) challenge? Will the fabric be an issue when he/she reaches into the bag?
  • UNIFORM PANTS or SHORTS...Will the length of shorts bother him/her or will long pants be the thing for the year?
  • UNIFORM POLOS or other...TAG or TAGLESS? 
  • If not a UNIFORM driven school...what is the dress code and how will your child NOT select the same shirt/tshirt to wear every single day or week? Because in High School, dress codes may not apply and if your child is anything like the ones we know, he/she will wear the same thing over and over. Why? Either because of not realizing that changing it up is 'cool', routine, comfort or just because an OCD behavior. If this is the case, start the process now to change the schedule of clothing attire. Get the items they will feel comfortable to wear and many of the same style ( just different colors) so they are not wearing the same piece of clothing over and over (bullying preventative here as well as hygiene) and set up a visual calendar and place images of ideas or what to wear to show "different" each day.
  • SHOPPING DAY--If you take your child/teen shopping, don't forget your supports (having another person to help if needed, visuals, etc). For example, even if your child is quite independent, you still may need someone else to enter the dressing room (if your child is a teen and of opposite sex) to help change in and out of things. Reminder; if trying on clothes (on and off) can set off a sensory meltdown because of the textures, lights in the changing room, noises from strangers in the area, etc., choose your time, fabric and number of items appropriately.

This is a big part of the daily (clothing) and for that reason, start your preparations now! Waiting until the week before school will give you anxiety that will not be welcomed especially when we know you will be preparing your child for the days ahead.


Our Current

Sensory Preparation for the

School Uniform!

​We are weeks away from the start of the school year, so TIME TO START looking at the CLOTHING options for your child!

All clothing items will create a positive or negative sensory experience for your child so it's important to begin the preparation now so options are available. It's very frustrating when you are approaching the ringing bell date and locating what you want or need is becoming impossible. 

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Summer Extravaganza!

Welcome to our newest edition for Summer 2017!

This Edition Includes

*  Socially Summery:

      Fostering Language Skills

*  The Right Stuff:  
   Discovering a Summer of Self Exploration
*  Summer Adventure:  

      The Potty Journey 
*  Transforming Summer Travel
*  Building Instruction 

   Around the Individual

     Swim Safety, Survival and Development    
*  Endless Possibilities of Dads
*  Love, Patience and Dedication
     Matt & Ed Asner share their family with
     us "The Brady Bunch of Autism"

 Idea Loading...
    Got Problems? Find Solutions!

    TRANSITION of course!

*  It's Gonna Be a Long, Hot Summer...

   or Will It?



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